Pre-Purchase Inspections

While looking through what feels like thousands of properties, you found the most lovely heritage property. But you are not sure if you will be allowed to do the little changes you want to make it yours?


Arcade Heritage Architects can help you figure it all out, by checking all the regulations of your property for some piece of mind before purchasing the property.


Heritage rules and regulations can vary, from state to state, council to council, and even from property to property. Consulting with a heritage specialist before purchasing the property will avoid future disappointment after you already bought the lot.

What kind of changes to heritage properties are acceptable?

Sometimes the property is very close to perfect, but you just wish you could do some minor works to make it your own. So what sort of works are normally acceptable?


  • You can add modern utilities – phone, internet, fire alarms, etc – but their locations need to make sure to avoid damage to original features;


  • You can add additional lights, as long as it doesn’t detract from the original appearance or destroys ornate ceilings;


  • You can carry out general repairs, but keep in mind that new materials must match the existing in colour, shape and construction method;


  • You can update the kitchen and bathrooms, but their location and construction method have to mitigate the impact to the property; and


  • You can carry out renovations, but the design and detailing needs to be sympathetic to the original house and make sure to not have a negative impact on the significance of the place.


But the main thing to keep in mind is that all and every type of works to a heritage property must be properly documented and the relevant approval authorities must be notified – even if it is something as simple as a new kitchen fit-out.

Heritage Experts

The Arcade team have carried out multiple heritage renovations and conservation projects. We are experts in Heritage and Conservation and will be able to guide you through all the heritage constraints and opportunities of the property you have an eye on.


As Heritage Architects, we not only have all the knowledge of a heritage consultant, but we also understand how a building is put together and all the restrictions of modern day regulations and requirements.


If you are after some piece of mind, with some out of the box heritage advice to boot, get in touch to discuss how we help you.