Photographic Archival Recordings

Photographs of a heritage item or area are some of the best instruments used by heritage professionals when researching changes and alterations.


For that reason, it is common for approval authorities to request that you carry out a photographic archival recording of your property before you build new changes.


Should someone in the future carry out new research on the place, they will come across the images and will be able to understand the changes done to the property.

What is contained in a Photographic Archival Record?

A well prepared archival record should include:


  • A plan of the site including the internal layout of the building and all the relevant exterior features such as fences and outbuildings;


  • Notes on the plan showing the location each photograph was taken;


  • General photos of the place; and


  • Photographs of all the areas in the property which are about to be changed.

Archival Experts

Archival records contribute to our understanding and appreciation of our cultural significant items. They record for the future the fabric, environment, aesthetic and technical skills associated with the heritage item before they are lost.


Creating a photographic record will also add to your understanding of the place and its significance as part of the conservation and management process.


If you would like to get a Photographic Archival Record of your property get in touch with Arcade and we can discuss how we can help you.