Heritage Assessments

If you are considering carrying out a more complex proposal, which may include a partial demolition of a local item or the large redevelopment of an area, a Heritage Assessment should be one of your first steps.


The Heritage Assessment should be carried out during the investigation phase of the project, before starting the design for the proposal.


It is not an assessment of a specific proposal, but assesses the significance of the place and helps determine what proposals may be acceptable on the site.

What is included in a Heritage Assessment?

A Heritage Assessment is a relatively short report, but that includes a large amount of information.


Its main objective is to assess the significance of a site or area.


It is usually divided in three sections:


  • Investigation of the History of the Site and the Existing Fabric;


  • Assessment of the Significance of the Site, and


  • Future management of the Significance of the Site.

Heritage Assessment experts

As expert Heritage Architects, the Arcade team should be your first point of call for your heritage redevelopment.


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If you are after a good result from your next redevelopment with some out of the box heritage advice to boot, get in touch to discuss how we help you.