Heritage Approvals

An approval or an exemption must be gained from the relevant approval authority when making changes to a property which is heritage listed, contained within a heritage conservation area, or located near a heritage listed property.


The type of application will depend on the level of listing of your property as well as the size of your proposed works. The higher the listing level, and the larger the works, the more information will need to be provided.

Heritage Approval types

Some examples of approvals pathways are:

Exemption Application

If the works you are proposing are very minor, and mostly considered maintenance, you could be exempted from a full Development Application. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to inform your approval authority, as they still need to agree the works are considered exemptions.


You must submit documentation noting what works will be carried out, what is their likely impact and why should they be considered an exemption.

Development Application (DA)

If your property is heritage listed with your local council, your proposal is not minor and is likely to have an impact on the property you just submit a Development Application.


This is the same type of application you provide for other non-heritage developments. As well as all the other usual DA requirements such as Architectural Plans, Statements of Environmental Effects (SEE), and a Survey; you must also submit a Heritage Impact Statement (HIS).

Section 60

If your proposal is not minor and your property is state listed in NSW you will need to apply for a Section 60 with the Heritage Council of NSW.


The application is an additional step to the DA. You have the choice to apply for both of them separately; or together via an Integrated Development Application.

Need a hand with your heritage approval?

If you are considering carrying out some works to your heritage property and are not sure what are your specific requirements we can help.


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