Heritage Advice

Heritage items can be landscapes, gardens, buildings, movable objects or relics of architectural, archaeological, aesthetic, social, technical or natural heritage significance.


Your local approval authority will expect you to seek Heritage Advice from a specialist if the property in your proposal is:


  • A Heritage Item;


  • Contained within a Heritage Conservation Area;


  • Is located near a Heritage Item; or


  • Is neither of the above, but could be considered significant and be listed after a formal assessment.


Arcade Heritage Architects can provide Heritage Advice during all stages of your project, for all levels of heritage listed properties to suit your specific needs.

Heritage Listings

A property can be listed in one or more of the following schedules and inventories:


  • The UNESCO World Heritage List;


  • The Australia Heritage Council – National Heritage List;


  • The Commonwealth Heritage List;


  • State and Territory Heritage Council; and


  • Local councils and shires.

Heritage Experts

Properties identified by the above noted bodies are considered to have heritage significance requiring special heritage expertise in their assessment and management.


Arcade is an expert heritage and conservation architecture firm. We can provide you with the best Heritage Advice to get your project going in the right direction.


If you require some heritage advice, contact Arcade so we can discuss your next heritage advice needs.