Construction Contract Administration

Arcade Heritage Architects uses the Australian Building Industry Contracts (ABIC), which are jointly published by the Masters Builders Australia Limited (Master Builders) and the Australian Institute of Architects (Institute).


They are specifically written for when an architect administers the contract between the builder and the client.  There are designed to make contracts clear and less prone to dispute or time-consuming negotiation, bringing certainty to the process.


There are different types of contracts for each state and territory and for different types of projects. Selecting the right builder and the right building contract can be critical to the success of a project.


Arcade can provide the following services to help you in your project:

Contractor Selection

Selecting the ideal builder is very important, particularly when dealing with heritage buildings. The buildings require traditional techniques and materials to ensure that the addition will not cause irreversible damage to the original building and that the construction complies with the approval authorities guidelines.


The right builder will also save you money as they require less instruction from the architects and are less likely to make mistakes which will require correction at a later stage.


We can select the right builder by running a competitive tender process, by negotiation, by non-competitive quoting or a combination of the above.

Contract Administration

Following the selection of the builder and the building contract type, we can prepare the contract and organise a meeting for all the parties to sign it.


Once construction starts we can take care of progress payments certification to ensure you only pay for what the builder has completed, construction site visits to ensure the construction is going ahead without defects, and practical completion certification including selection of the building certifier.

Heritage Project Management

Arcade is a dedicated Heritage Architecture firm.


This means we can provide you with all the services of an Architect and a Heritage Consultant, making us an the ideal provider of architectural services for your heritage project.


We can do the required heritage sign-offs required by your DA approval as well as administer the overall contract of your heritage project.


If you need a hand with your heritage project, get in touch to discuss how we help you.