Architectural Design

Arcade Heritage Architects can provide a full range of Architectural Services.


Some of the services we provide include:


Pre-Design is the research and information gathering phase of a project. During this phase the Architect collects sufficient information to be able to prepare the design for your project. The information required varies from project to project, but it likely to include:


  • Site boundaries and levels which will determine the legal boundaries of the site and the height allowances of any proposal;


  • Planning regulations which will determine what development is allowed on the proposed site;


  • Soil requirements which can impact the size of the development and what other studies may be required on the site; and


  • Heritage limitations which can provide further restriction on the development of the site.

Concept Design

During the Concept Design Phase the Architect will prepare options for the design following the client’s brief.


These options can be costed by a builder or quantity surveyor, if required, to assure that a project is delivered under a required budget.


The Architect will present the options to the client who can then select the approved concept for further development in the next phase.

Design Development

In this phase the Architect develops the approved concept and provides further documentation to the clients.


The documentation can include more detailed drawings, schedule of proposed finishes and a further review against the project budget.


This phase is also likely to require input from other specialist consultants such as planners and engineers.


At the end of this phase the project is ready to be send to the approval authorities.

Construction Documentation

Following the receipt of the approvals, the architect will prepare the Construction Package.


This will include altering any item of the design as requested by the approval authorities and preparing detailed drawings and specification sufficient for a builder to use in the construction process.


These documents will be used for negotiations with builders as well as during the construction process.

Construction Administration

Another service which is traditionally provided by an Architect is the Administration of the Construction Contract.


Further information on this phase, please click here.

Heritage Architecture Services

Arcade is a dedicated Heritage Architecture firm.


This means we can provide you with all the services of an Architect and a Heritage Consultant, making us an the ideal provider of architectural services for your heritage project.


We are specialists in Alterations and Additions, Adaptive Re-Use and Compliance Upgrades to Heritage Properties.


If you need a hand with your heritage project, get in touch to discuss how we help you.